Transforming the aviation industry

We are working hard to digitise the aviation industry providing new levels of efficiency and insight to everyone involved in the operation and maintenance of aircraft. We are building the underlying infrastructure to support this digital transformation, alongside intuitively designed and intelligent workflow applications that can be used across the industry.

About Us

From our very inception, TrustFlight has been ingrained in the aviation industry. Originally founded by two commercial pilots, we have now grown to become a global organisation supporting a wide variety of airlines, airports, maintenance providers and regulators.

Core to TrustFlight is a passionate team of technical aviation and software leaders, whose collective industry experience and creativity enable us to create the best-in-class tools and services for users throughout the industry.

Our vision is:

To create a community that works together to leverage the latent potential of aviation data, and improve safety and efficiency for the widespread benefit of all users of aviation.

Our mission is:

To be the trusted provider of digital workflow solutions to capture, store and share aviation data to improve safety and efficiency.

How we work

Our values describe what we stand for. These four values shape our culture, guide the way we work and the way we grow as a company.
IntegrityIntegrityWe are transparent and open. We offer trust to our partners and assume it from them.
ResponsibilityResponsibilityWe own the work we do and take responsibility for it, striving to make it the best possible.
InnovationInnovationOur products are crafted for the future needs of the industry, going beyond what exists in the market.
ExcellenceExcellenceEvery one of our values contributes towards the excellence in our products.

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