Fully integrated, real-time operational management

Designed by industry experts to deal with complexities of the modern day aviation environment

Why should you choose TrustFlight SMS/QMS?
SMS/QMS removes costly, outdated paper-based processes and procedures, increasing efficiency, improving safety and ensuring complete compliance across some of the most highly regulated and safety critical industries in the world.
With modules to manage Risk, Safety, Compliance, Manuals, Documents, Meetings, Training, EFBs and much more, it’s the only all-in-one management system for every element of your operation.
SMS/QMS is constantly evolving – we work closely with our customers, regulatory bodies from around the world, as well as liaising with high-ranking industry figures to continually improve the system, ensuring we, and you remain ahead of the curve.
Work safer, smarter and reduce your costs
Access or record information remotely, on any device, anywhere, any time. With our cloud-based & paperless system there is no need to chase email trails or paper copies.
Achieve complete, real-time oversight and accountability through powerful, personalised dashboards.
Generate reports and metrics in seconds driven by system data.
Build your SMS/QMS solution with modules including Safety, Quality, Risk, Workflow, Meeting, Documents, Training and much more.

Maximise your resource

recordsGain real-time
operational oversight
productivityDeliver total document
investmentReduce duplication
investmentEnsure regulatory
recordsImprove workflows
productivityEnhance communication
investmentAchieve truly integrated management
investmentEnhance safety culture
TrustFlight SMS/QMS core modules include
Access, update and manage in real-time
SMS/QMS’s Documents module gives you real, multi-department, multi-level document control with full traceability of readership and updates.
Each user sees the documents relevant to their role, with immediate access from the home page. Whether you are a large airport with multiple department, or an AOC with little requirement for document compartmentalisation.
SMS/QMS is customised to make your documentation easy to manage and sort according to your requirements - in one place as a single source of truth.
The Document module allows you to demonstrate to the regulator that you have effective document control.
The Document Manager can send notifications to the user asking that they read specific documents.
The instruction appears within the user’s individual dashboard - giving them an easy link to access the document, read it and confirm they have done so.
The Document Manager can then review each document and see who has read it at an individual level - so there is complete transparency throughout, giving late readers nowhere to hide.
SMS/QMS’s Document module eliminates manual tracking to confirm whether your team have read documents, dramatically saving you time, and providing you with instant evidence for audits.
Case studies
Learn more about how we helped our customers deliver world-class levels of efficiency, safety and compliance.

CAA International


Transport Malta


London City Airport


TAG Asia


Support and Implementation
Everything you need to know about implementation and customer support for all new SMS/QMS clients. Can’t find an answer you’re looking for? Please contact our team.
How long will the implementation take?expand icon
It depends on the complexity and size of your operation. On average, implementation of SMS/QMS takes around three months.
For larger, more complex operations setup and configuration may take longer. The greater the availability of your key personnel during configuration and training, the quicker the system can be implemented.
Are you able to assist with training of our employees?expand icon
Yes, this forms an integral part of the process. We will usually train key post-holders to become ‘SMS/QMS Admins’, they in turn are able to train their staff. Of course, we can adapt and tailor this process according to your requirements.
Is ongoing training provided if required?expand icon
We can supply some limited guidance material, as well as e-learning functionality which can be accessed directly from your newly configured Centrik dashboard. Further training sessions using WebEx facilities can also be arranged.
What will happen with our historic data?expand icon
It’s entirely up to you. You can either start with a ‘clean slate’ – or we can help you to migrate some (usually safety cases) historic data into Centrik as required. Data migration can present challenges and may incur additional costs.
What are your hours of coverage if I have a problem?expand icon
We currently operate a shift-based system providing 24/7 cover including UK Bank Holidays.
What is your average response time?expand icon
On average, you’ll hear from us in under 15 minutes – and quicker if it’s a priority request. For non-urgent enquiries please allow up to two hours.
Can I speak to someone in person?expand icon
Our team can be directly contacted – however, you may find your query can be more quickly resolved if you file a ticket first, which allows you to fully track and monitor its progress.

SMS/QMS provides complete operational management support to more than 80,000 global users in commercial and business aviation

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“We’ve been able to tailor each of SMS/QMS’s modules to suit our specific needs, which has made a number of our day-to-day operational processes more efficient: from managing our internal meetings and their subsequent actions, through to instantly pulling together comprehensive reports and audit information for analysis, a process that used to take an entire morning.”
Mark Baker Safety Development Manager
Air Safety Support International – a subsidiary company of the UK Civil Aviation Authority

Seamless integration

For optimal operations, the smart integration between both platforms allows to transfer Centrik crew endorsement details directly to Leon.

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