Reliability Analytics

Use data to increase aircraft availability, safety and reduce cost

Drive impactful decisions with real-time fleet data

At TrustFlight we understand the challenges of conventional reliability reporting. Every minute spent on manual data gathering and cleansing is a minute lost from fixing problems. With our real-time Reliability Analytics tool, the time and attention of your reliability team is focused on technical investigations and diagnosing issues rather than report data collection, leading to a significant improvement in operational reliability.


Generate real-time reports

Automate generation of reliability reports, on a real-time basis


Access quality data

Import data from multiple sources including M&E System, Electronic Tech Log, Scheduling System & third party vendors


Focus on value and outcomes

Focus on actionable outcomes as opposed to regulatory reporting requirements

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Real-time PIREP & MAREP analysis

Identify repeat discrepancies earlier and better understand factors causing unscheduled faults.

Alert-level based reporting
Easily identify trends
Drill down to investigate specific faults

Airframe & component reliability

Component analytics allows easy performance monitoring of components to enable improvements in planning and cost reduction.

Analyze component reliability
Optimize inventory levels
Benchmark performance

Performance benchmarking

Performance benchmarking helps in understanding how well an operation is performing as well as identifying areas to focus on for improvement.

Easily view internal KPIs
Benchmark performance against industry
Understand department performance

Maintenance programme analysis

Proactive maintenance programme review and changes can provide significant cost savings and reliability enhancement.

View AMP effectiveness
Inform task escalation/de-escalations
Optimize interval usage

What can be achieved?

Our Reliability Analytics tool delivers improved efficiency, accuracy, visibility and data management, ultimately leading to better decision making and increased safety and efficiency of your operations.

fleet overview

Increase in availability

20% reduction in unscheduled aircraft downtime

validated records

Time savings

Save upwards of 20hrs per month per aircraft in time spent generating reports

return on investment

Cost savings

Reduce operating costs by up to 10%

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