Our Culture

We are creating aviation for the modern world helping our customers excel in safety and efficiency. By transforming the way our customers work, we are enabling them to focus on the insights and data that really matter. We have an exciting horizon where the skies really are the limit!

TrustFlight Vision
Our vision is to create a community that works together to leverage the latent potential of aviation data, improve safety and efficiency for the benefit of all users of aviation. Our people are part of that community and will help shape the future. Like any growing, successful company we want to attract, develop and keep the most talented people to help us fulfil our vision.
Our Values
Our values reflect the nature of our sector and our ambitions in transforming the aviation industry; we value integrity, encourage responsibility, require leadership at all levels, seek innovation and demand excellence. To do this we feel we have created a special place to work. Working here will mean you:
Make the right choices and do what is right for the success of the company
Develop your own skills and those of the people around you
Feel empowered to make decisions
Communicate openly and honestly across the company
Are not limited by unnecessary rules
Have fun whilst knowing you are transforming an industry
Our Philosophy
We are moving fast and want you to feel that you are keeping up, that’s why we have tried to minimise rules and create a learning environment. What this means in practice is that where possible (i.e. it doesn’t breach safety standards or regulations) you do what is right, you use your sound judgement and knowledge in your role to make decisions, change processes and offer different solutions. If it adds value to the business and helps others nothing can be better. We will always look to the subject experts to help us make decisions about the way forward and what next, after all who better to ask than the people doing the role every day.
Our Team
We have a ‘one team’ approach here and that isn’t just words! We are all responsible for the success of TrustFlight. Collaborating together, giving frequent and constructive feedback and demonstrating trust are the fundamentals of our leadership model. It doesn’t matter what team you sit within or where you see yourself in the hierarchy, that’s all just there to help us manage the day-to-day business - if you see something you think is not right, needs changing or could definitely be done better you go and talk to the ‘owner’ of that ‘thing’ and agree on how to make a change.
We're Developing
Like our company, products and our people we are developing, we are not the finished article. Some may find our approach challenging or unstructured, this is to be expected - sometimes we are struggling to meet our own ambitions - but with the team we have today and the team we will become tomorrow we know that we are on the right path to make an enormous difference to aviation and to our own skills and abilities. There may be a little turbulence along the way but as we look back on what we have achieved and how far we have come you will be able to see that you really did make a difference - to TrustFlight, to yourself and the wider industry.
Don't just take our word for it, hear from the team...
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Along with growing professionally, I am excited about the variety of learning opportunities at TrustFlight. Being surrounded by intrinsically motivated colleagues positively influences my workday. I have been lucky with a team that values user research and is excited to see how it shapes the future of TrustFlight’s suite of products.
Binoodha, Senior UX Researcher
What it's like working here
What do you do in your everyday job that makes a difference to the company (or the industry)?
I have reflected on what value I provide to a company like TrustFlight that hosts a powerhouse of talents and industry experts. My main goal is to place our users at the core of our design process and products. I also like to imagine my role as a facilitator to the team’s learning process. I focus on conducting collaborative user research and iteratively improving the user experience of TF's products by observing user behaviours.
What do you enjoy about working at TrustFlight?
I could say a lot, but the biggest highlight of working at TF is being surrounded by people who are truly passionate about the aviation industry. It's made me change the way I perceived my whole flying experience. I also enjoy working with a global team where different cultures shape creativity. I get to learn all the time, every day.
What challenges are you working to overcome to make things better at TF?
I'd say it's always easier to make things complex. But our biggest challenge has been in understanding how to make complex products simple. We are working on doing things better than doing things faster. I am doing this by first challenging assumptions that drive product development and setting learning goals with the team to understand our users’ workflow better.

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