The TrustFlight technology stack is built to provide a secure, trusted, and verifiable interface to your aircraft's data. Combining modern software and user interfaces with powerful analytics, we are able to offer products that benefit our customers through easy to use, but powerful, interfaces.


Data is at the heart of what we do, and it is an incredible source of value to your operation. While ensuring that you maintain full ownership of your data, we provide the interfaces between both software and people to ensure that your data gets to where it needs to be. This saves time and also reduces the risk of errors in the records being created.

Our services operate as a source of truth of the aircraft on our systems, ensuring that the data we have is correct and verified and available to other software products that our customers use. This includes existing integrations with, for example, CAMP, RocketRoute, and any Spec 2000 compatible product. We’re always growing our list of integrations and providing an interface between other third parties to ensure that your data is always available to those you wish to give it to, but kept away from anyone else.

Blockchain Technology

As a modern company, we are keen to embrace technology when it is appropriate and provides provable benefits. Over the past decade, blockchain networks have been emerging as innovative and disruptive technology in a number of sectors. Seeing the power of this technology to bring immutable and transparent data sharing to the complex world of supply chain and product provenance, TrustFlight has placed blockchain technology at the very core of our platform.

Blockchain continues to be an emerging system and TrustFlight's use of it evolves alongside the changes of the technology. Despite this, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with data to provide the greatest benefits to our customers while abstracting away details specific to any single implementation, ensuring that we aren't tied to a single way of doing things and are unable to adapt.

What makes our technology stack unique
in the aviation industry

We embrace modern, but proven, technologies to ensure that we're always able to meet our customers demands and place an emphasis on continuous improvements of our architecture.


Our data is stored in such a way allowing us to trace its origin and any modifications, ensuring that the full history of your airframe is available and trusted.


Aircraft data is something that provides you competitive advantage, and ensuring that it is only available to authorised parties is critical. We provide this service with continuous monitoring and audits.

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