July 03, 2023

A Safety Management System in the Beautiful Maldives: Gan International Airport

How Centrik was deployed for an airport that can handle the largest of aircraft types

Gan International Airport is located on the Island of Gan Maldives, catering to passengers wishing to visit the southernmost islands of the Maldives. Once a military base during World War ll, Gan has transformed into a 24-hour international gateway to the Maldives. At an elevation of six feet, it is one of the lowest airports in the world, in a country renowned for its unique beauty and archipelagic living. The largest of the world’s aircraft can land at Gan, with the airport served by national carrier Maldivian and Sri Lankan Airlines, among others. Addu International Airport (AIA), the operator of Gan International Airport, is a user of Centrik – TrustFlight’s Safety Management System. Indeed, Addu International Airport (AIA) has seen numerous benefits with Centrik, it playing a crucial role in streamlining operations, improving safety culture and providing real-time updates on critical information. Here, we interviewed Abdulla Naseem, the Risk Management Manager at AIA about the benefits and outcomes of Centrik.

Abdulla, tell me a bit about Gan Airport and your operations. How is Gan unique?

Abdulla: “Gan Airport is located on Gan, an island in the archipelago of Maldives, which is connected to the local islands of Addu through a causeway. Gan plays an important role as the second international gateway to the Maldives servicing the southern region of Maldives. The airport was originally constructed by the British and was a military base during World War II. Today, Gan has transformed into a 24-hour operational airport with the capacity to cater for Code 4E aircrafts, which include the Boeing 747 and 787. Exciting news is that Gan recently started an expansion project that will increase the capacity to handle 1.5 million passengers annually.”

What is your role within Gan Airport and what is your involvement with the Centrik product?

Abdulla: “In my role as the Risk Management Manager at AIA, I oversee our organization’s safety, security and quality. Part of my role involves managing our document control system, which is a crucial component of our quality management efforts. This is where Centrik plays an important role, helping streamline our operations while improving overall safety culture, efficiency and compliance.”

So, why Centrik? What were some of the problems Gan Airport faced prior to implementing Centrik?

Abdulla: “Before the implementation of Centrik, record-keeping and presenting evidence during regulatory and airline audits was a cumbersome and time-consuming process. The lack of a centralized system made it challenging to locate and access company manuals and standard operational procedures, which hindered efficient operations. Another challenge Gan faced was maintaining accurate training records and tracking employee progress. These challenges typically led to inefficiencies and increased the risk of non-compliance.”

How did you come across TrustFlight’s Centrik and what were the main reasons and criteria for choosing our Operational Management Solution? Did you consider any other solutions?

Abdulla: “We initially came across Centrik through our development consultant. They introduced us to the program and our management was instantly impressed with its features and capabilities. The comprehensive solution Centrik provided addressed many of the challenges we faced in our operations. In fact, our management team was so impressed with the software that they didn’t feel the need to explore other programs.”

How was the implementation?

Abdulla: “We have senior management to thank for the successful implementation of Centrik. The user-friendly interface and accessibility of the system were well-received by employees, who quickly embraced it once they understood its capabilities. The implementation team’s support and training were also crucial in ensuring a smooth transition.”

Tell me about the benefits you’ve seen since implementing Centrik. Have there been any other unexpected outcomes or benefits?

Abdulla: “The implementation of Centrik at AIA has been a game-changer, significantly improving safety culture, efficiency and compliance. Through the various modules of Centrik, such as oversight, training, equipment and risk, AIA has been able to streamline its operations and provide real-time updates on critical information, benefiting both employees and management. For example, the opportunity to voluntarily report hazards has significantly improved the safety culture, while access to manuals and SOPs has reduced errors and enhanced understanding of procedures. The oversight module has particularly been valuable for the Risk Management Department, helping them ensure safety, security and compliance, while the meeting module has streamlined the scheduling and tracking of meetings. The training module has made it easier to monitor training requirements and individual statuses. Similarly, the equipment module provides real-time updates on the status and defects of vehicles and equipment, benefiting department head and senior management. By providing KPIs to our executive leadership, it has enabled them to monitor organizational performance and make timely decisions.”

Any final parting advice for anyone looking for an SMS solution?

Abdulla: “Since AIA has experienced numerous benefits since implementing Centrik, I would seriously consider it as a solution to improve safety culture, efficiency and compliance in their organization.”

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