February 23, 2023

Is your airport SMS ready?

Following the recent FAA ruling, airports meeting certain criteria MUST implement an organization-wide safety management system (SMS). While meeting regulatory requirements is important, it should not be the end goal of implementing a safety system. With the right SMS, you can not only stay compliant but also enhance your safety culture, reduce risk, and improve the overall safety performance of your airport.

Just Culture: Foster a proactive, safety-first culture to encourage continuous improvement

Our Centrik SMS can help you promote a safety culture within your airport and ensure all employees, from pilots and air traffic controllers to ground crews, maintenance staff and third parties operating at your airport, follow procedures for managing safety. Reporting can be done on the go, using the intuitive app on your iPad.

How are we really performing?: Effective risk management

Linking proactive safety reports to risk assessments we can effectively identify hazards and trends, allowing you to assess and address risks before they result in accidents. For Airport Managers, Centrik gives real-time information to review Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), building template reports that can be accessed at the click of a button for use in Department Reviews to Safety Board meetings.

Working Smarter: Benefits beyond safety

Our Centrik SMS can bring other benefits beyond safety, such as operational efficiency, cost savings, and improved stakeholder collaboration, sharing information with confidence to deliver a more cohesive and safe operating environment.

With proven success at a number of European Airports, let us revolutionise the way you SMS...

“Centrik now centralises the safety reporting process across the airport, allowing everything to be effectively evidenced through real-time reports and analysis, removing the email or paper chain and improving operational efficiency.”

Ian Douglas - Head of Safety - London City Airport

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