September 12, 2019

Birmingham Airport transforms airside safety procedures thanks to Centrik

Birmingham Airport, one of the UK’s fastest growing airports, has implemented powerful operational management system, Centrik, to transform its airside operating procedures.

Birmingham is the seventh largest airport in the UK. With annual aircraft movements now in excess of 130,000, its safety and compliance procedures are becoming ever more complex. As such, the airport has turned to Centrik, citing it as the only fully integrated system able to handle the growing scale of operations.

Harry Harrad, Aerodrome Compliance Manager at Birmingham Airport, says: “As soon as Centrik demonstrated its capabilities, I knew I had found the right tool for the job. It’s enabled the Airfield Operations Team to restructure the airport’s airside regulations scheme, as well as remove overly-complicated documentation procedures, eradicate paper trails and email chains, and make every aspect of the safety and compliance process more efficient and intuitive.”

Utilising Centrik’s cloud-based architecture, Birmingham Airport’s Airfield Operations team carries out all compliance and incident reporting via an iPad. This updates the airport’s operational management picture in real-time, which in turn is instantly accessible to authorised users wherever they are.

“We can now manage our safety reporting as we go, out in the field. We no longer need to use a host of disparate programmes to upload our findings to the server from our desks, then rely on email to circulate the results. Now, all members of the team, and anyone else we choose to provide access, can instantly see and manage the current operational situation – it’s an incredibly intuitive system that provides complete transparency for all, which helps make the process much more efficient,” Harrad says.

To help the airport further, more than two years of historical safety and compliance reports were input into the system by the Centrik team, creating a comprehensive overview that can be used to improve the airside regulations processes.

This historical data creates operational heatmaps and KPIs, providing an instant, visual guide of all safety and compliance reports. This information allows the team to quickly and effectively investigate any recurring trends and action improved procedures, all managed through the system itself. These changes can then be tracked to ensure they are being effectively carried out.

“Centrik is enhancing our approach to safety and compliance reporting. The system allows us to allocate responsibilities to relevant team members directly, so we can then track any required actions in real time and see whether they have been completed.

“With the reports and subsequent next steps visible to the team, Centrik allows us to put the onus back on the individual, meaning there are no opportunities to ‘pass the buck’ and nothing can fall through the cracks. It’s an extremely powerful tool to have at our disposal,” adds Harrad.

Over time, the plan is to expand Centrik’s usage across the airport, utilising its modular design to integrate with third-party operators, as well as to assist with training, meetings and workflow planning, making it an increasingly integral part of the airport’s day-to-day operations.

Birmingham Airport serves more than 150 direct scheduled and charter routes and offers an additional 340 possible connections worldwide.

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