May 10, 2018

Centrik v4 ready to roll with added functionality for powerful operational management

Centrik is rolling out a radical overhaul of its powerful operational management software, featuring an enhanced user interface and a host of new functionality, further improving the system’s ability to streamline the day-to-day running of any aviation business.

In the most comprehensive remodel of the system to date, Centrik 2018 v4 customers will now benefit from a raft of new features across each of its core modules for AOC holders, Part-NCC, private and corporate operators, airports, National Aviation Authorities, MROs, ATOs and UAS operators. These include the ability to tailor and build full training courses within a dedicated training module, new risk management tools for board-level business risks, as well as the capability to accept and process external safety reports originating from third parties.

Julian Tubb, Director at Centrik, says: “We’ve worked closely with national Regulators using Centrik to understand their plans and requirements for Risk and Performance-Based Regulation. We’ve taken that knowledge and used it to enhance functionality to Centrik. That gives operators who use Centrik a clear operational advantage as they’re instantly ready to comply with a Regulator’s future requirements.”

The development team has created an even cleaner, smoother user interface, featuring a streamlined dashboard which offers intuitive navigation across each of Centrik’s modules.

Five years on from its very first implementation, Centrik now helps more than 16,000 users across the aviation industry – both manned and unmanned – with their operational management. Centrik allows all audits, quality and compliance reports, risk and safety assessments, training schedules, and more to be stored in a fully-integrated, cloud-based system that can be accessed by all members of the team, from anywhere, at any time.

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