October 19, 2017

Centrik improves management of UK overseas territories aviation regulatory oversight for air safety support international

Air Safety Support International (ASSI), a subsidiary of the UK CAA, has turned to Centrik to manage its complex role of providing civil aviation regulatory oversight to the UK’s Overseas Territories.

The nine Territories under ASSI’s remit each require a different level of support, from producing the legal framework, through to providing assessments and safety/security regulatory oversight for a territory’s entire civil aviation operation.

Mark Baker, Safety Development Manager at Air Safety Support International, says: “Unlike other National Aviation Authorities, we don’t just regulate one location – we oversee nine very distinct Territories, each with a vastly different dynamic and level of operations. It’s an incredibly complicated task, so we needed an intuitive system that was powerful enough to manage and maintain all regulatory processes across each of the Territories, but intuitive enough that everyone could use it.

“Whilst researching guidance on quality management systems used by UK-based service providers, Centrik was a name we kept hearing. As soon as we saw it in action, we instantly realised that it would completely change the way we worked, both here in the UK and at each of the Territories across the globe.”

Centrik’s fully integrated modular design allows ASSI to manage every aspect of its operation through a centralised hub, which can be securely and easily accessed remotely from anywhere in the world. This allows each of the nine Territories under ASSI’s oversight to effectively manage its processes and procedures, as well as file audits, surveys, checklists, safety reports and findings at the click of a button – with all data updated in real time.

“Every territory is benefiting from Centrik’s open-access, making processes and reports easier to file, monitor and log,” continues Baker. “We’ve also been able to tailor each of Centrik’s modules to suit our specific needs, which have made a number of our day-to-day operational processes more efficient – from managing our internal meetings and their subsequent actions, through to instantly pulling together comprehensive reports and audit information for analysis to aid performance-based oversight, a process that used to take an entire morning.”

ASSI’s remit is to help maintain a cohesive and robust aviation regulatory system in each of the UK’s Overseas Territories.

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