September 20, 2018

Centrik provides operational management solution for London City Airport

London City Airport has turned to Centrik to transform its day-to-day operations, after finding that it was the only management system capable of handling the airport’s extensive and complex requirements.

London’s most central airport, which has 2,100 employees working across its campus, has been enjoying a record-breaking year and is also progressing its transformative, £480 million City Airport Development Programme.

Now, various aspects of the airport’s safety and quality management utilise the Centrik system.

Lee Russell, Director of Aerodrome Compliance at London City, says: “We’ve been looking for a management system with Centrik’s capabilities for a long time, and until now had never found one.”

Prior to implementing Centrik, London City Airport relied heavily on individuals to file reports or relay relevant operational information via email, while each department had a different system for maintaining and monitoring records. Centrik centralises the safety reporting process across the airport, allowing everything to be effectively evidenced through real-time reports and analysis, removing the email or paper chain and improving operational efficiency.

“Centrik puts all of the airport’s safety data at our fingertips, providing every department, every third-party operator and every relevant member of staff with the latest information at all times. Centrik gives us the power to collate and analyse this information in real time, allowing us to track our performance and evidence the effectiveness of our operating procedures,” Russell adds.

Additionally, compliance, assurance, training and document control will now be brought onto the system over the next few months, and further aspects are being reviewed with the potential to be included. Centrik provides London City Airport with a clear, current, concise overview of all pertinent safety information, reports and action points, all accessible via desktop or mobile device. Centrik’s live, fully integrated nature means that all users can be sure they are working from the very latest information, procedures and processes automatically.

“Centrik is a complete operational management solution,” continues Russell. “For example, if anyone raises a safety report all relevant personnel can track it, seeing the results, any actions and who needs to complete them – in real time. This includes the regulator with direct links to the MOR / ECCAIRS systems. This level of transparency means all involved understand what is required of them, meaning nothing can slip through the cracks.”

London City Airport will also configure Centrik to create daily, weekly and monthly reports for its executive, highlighting all airport activity, safety reports and relevant action points. This process was previously deemed impractical due to the amount of time and manpower required to collate the data and use it effectively within procedures and processes – with Centrik, all of this is now possible at the click of a button.

“The more we use the system, the more powerful it becomes – there are levels of functionality we haven’t touched yet, but as we move forward we’ll be sure to explore the system’s full potential,” Russell concludes.

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