July 19, 2022

In Conversation with Karl: A breakdown of Digital Flight Logs with TrustFlight

Our own co-founder and CEO, Karl Steeves, spoke recently with Sumit Singh from Simple Flying. They discussed TrustFlight’s innovations in safety and efficiency in the maintenance and operation of aircraft, as well as what the future holds for paperless, error-free pilot logs. Read further for a summary of what they discussed.

Replacing aged processes

Our Tech Log shows the same information as a traditional paper log, and much more. TrustFlight’s also packages everything into an intuitive, digital tool. However, in the event that it is required, our Tech Logs can be easily printed in the form that airlines have historically used. The system records a wide range of information, this includes crew duty and notably technical and inflight data that can have a determinant effect on airworthiness. When damage or a defect is noted in the system, a series of actions commence to determine if the aircraft will be delayed, establish which personnel may need to be engaged with the issue, and evaluate whether or not the aircraft can fly safely given its current condition. What ties these processes together are a number of integrations that maximise the efficiency of workflows in the event of an issue affecting safety and maintenance on an aircraft. Before an aircraft can even pull away from the gate, the Captain needs to sign off on paperwork, give or take 25 times for each and every flight. This comes adjacent to the many different handwritten calculations that the Captain must complete on carbonized paper. Eliminating handwriting alone can reduce the potential for errors caused by the translation loss that can exist. This process takes 5 sheets of carbonzied paper per flight, amounting to 7,300 sheets per year for the average Boeing 737 in service today. Everything needs to be manually entered into a database and stored, costing airlines time and money.

techlog gif

Major progress

Generally speaking, other companies engaged in building Electronic Flight Bags are dialled more towards assisting pilots with operational insights. The industry has neglected to provide a similar set of tools to the areas of maintenance and technical status of aircraft. TrustFlight, on the other hand, makes systems that help everyone from the Captain to Mechanics operate in a safe and efficient fashion. We have also pointed our attention towards integrating operations, safety, and maintenance systems already in use to create a streamlined workflow process with industry wide value. Savings across the board One of our clients has disclosed that TrustFlight’s suite of tools, once implemented, shortened record keeping processes by nearly 30 hours by combining large multi-step actions into a simple and user-friendly workflow. Now, through role-based permissions and a secure login system, anyone with access within the operation can view, manage and update everything within the database in real time. All of which can be done on a tablet, which can be found in most cockpits throughout airlines today. The main informational relationship between pilots, maintenance, and the aircraft itself still exists on paper. Once adopted, our suite of systems makes review of past data and input of new data easy.

DEL Screenshot

Looking ahead

In the post pandemic world, most airlines have aspirations to increase efficiency as much as possible and slash unnecessary manual processes. The full suite of digital tools that we’ve developed here at TrustFlight, includes the Electronic Tech Log, Digital Engine Log and Centrik. Centrik is an SMS and operational management support system with over 80,000 users in sectors throughout the aerospace industry. The system helps push operators towards a paperless environment, while increasing efficiency, compliance, and safety. Moving forward, we are heavily focused on expanding integrations between TrustFlight’s suite of systems and both internal and external tools, further adding value to the overall operating efficiency and safety of carriers.

Interested in reading more? Take a look at the full conversation with Sumit Signh from Simple Flying.

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