October 23, 2019

TrustFlight announces integration with RocketRoute

We're pleased to announce the integration between our Tech Log and RocketRoute. By integrating with third party services, our Tech Log can provide added value by reducing data entry and streamlining processes for operators both in the air and on the ground.


The integration of our Electronic Tech Log with RocketRoute provides a seamless way to complete flight log entries with minimal data entry and reduce risk of errors or ommissions. This integration greatly reduces the paperwork burden on crew and operators, whilst helping to improve compliance and keep maintenance forecasts up to date.

With the RocketRoute integration enabled, any filed flight will appear on the Tech Log for the relevant aircraft. Flight times, crew, fuel and other information are pre-filled into each sector record page, requiring crew to just confirm the data and add any remaining information to the Tech Log.

About RocketRoute

RocketRoute is a leading aviation services company offering innovative technology for flight planning, marketplace, and concierge services. Now it's joining TrustFlight to transform paper-based records into electronic documents and help us make operating and maintaining aircraft more efficient.

More information can be found at

Please contact us to find out more about how the Tech Log can benefit your operation.

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