March 29, 2022

London Biggin Hill Airport benefits from Cenrik's fully integrated operational management

A long-standing Centrik customer, London Biggin Hill reviewed its use of the system, moving from purely safety management to adopting the system’s modular structure to control every aspect of the day-to-day running of the airport. This process also included integrating the Centrik systems used by other resident businesses, allowing for seamless cross-sharing of all safety, risk and compliance reporting.

Ben Spiers, Head of Safety and Compliance at London Biggin Hill Airport, says: “Safety is integral to everything we do at London Biggin Hill and we are always looking to enhance and innovate by improving quality and standards in this field.

“Utilising Centrik to its full potential ensures we have total visibility and control of everything happening across the airport. In addition, being able to combine the Centrik systems of some of the operators and businesses based on site has created a much more collaborative approach and we have real-time access to what is happening across the site.”

From cohesive and aligned control of the airport’s fire, handling, security and maintenance departments, through to wildlife dispersal and hazard management, airside safety occurrences, third party contractor permit applications, operational and business risk assessments, internal fault reporting and even IT maintenance – everything now goes through Centrik.

London Biggin Hill’s Centrik system currently has 323 users, while access has also been granted to nominated persons from 28 external organisations. Being cloud-based, Centrik has allowed London Biggin Hill to move away from disparate internal and external methods and use a single centralised system.

The system’s intuitive and user-friendly interface has played a key part in enhancing the reporting culture, with effective reporting management now adopted across a variety of areas; enhancing performance across the business.

The airport is now able to track and monitor all actions through Centrik, generating real-time reports and analysis, providing a fully evidenced audit trail for the regulator. The system has meant that London Biggin Hill now operates as a more streamlined, efficient, coherent, cost-effective – and ultimately safer – business.

London Biggin Hill is the only dedicated business aviation airport within the capital, is home to more than 70 resident aviation businesses and sees around 50,000 aircraft movements per year.

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