September 26, 2017

Nordic Unmanned leads a revolution in UAS with Centrik

Norwegian UAS operator Nordic Unmanned has chosen Centrik to manage its operation, continuing Centrik’s success in enabling effective management of cutting-edge drone companies around the world.

Centrik will be used to manage all aspects of Nordic’s operation with a particular focus on managing the safety and compliance challenges posed by operating unmanned platforms to the absolute limits of their potential in harsh weather conditions and high altitudes.

Kristian Andreassen, Head of Operations at Nordic Unmanned, said: “We are growing at a rapid pace and also undertaking more and more demanding UAS operations. We needed a system that was known by Regulators, one that would not only save us time, but take our levels of safety and compliance to even higher levels. Centrik is that system. It’s very intuitive to use and we’ve received great support from the Centrik team during the implementation. We feel we are now very well set for the future.”

Unmatched in the market as the only ICAO-compliant management system for both manned and unmanned aviation, Centrik provides a comprehensive system that integrates information and live reporting into the very fabric of an operation, and then evidences the effectiveness of processes and procedures.

The operational management system of choice for Regulators around the globe, Centrik allows UAS operators to easily demonstrate the highest levels of compliance and safety in real-time, dramatically simplifying the administrative burden associated with evidencing excellence.

Nordic Unmanned’s reputation for advancing the possibilities of UAS technology will be further enhanced by its use of Centrik. The company holds an RO3 licence by the Norwegian Aviation Authority, the highest level of certification, which has enabled them to expand BVLOS operations even further through the Skeldar V200 platform.

Nordic has also achieved more than four hours BVLOS at 1,200 feet, and has recently been awarded a two-year contract for emergency response and monitoring of the vast Norwegian railroad system – a task that will be greatly simplified by its use of Centrik.

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