May 12, 2021

Transport Malta CAD utilises power of Centrik to unlock ultra-efficiency

After seeing impressive efficiency improvements thanks to its use of Centrik, Transport Malta Civil Aviation Directorate has heralded the system’s new Reg App module as a “game changer”, helping it to streamline its processes even further.

The Reg App module allows organisations to submit applications – for example AOC applications, aircraft registrations, or flight crew and engineer license applications – via a weblink, directly into the authority and its Centrik system. This ultra-efficient approach removes a vast amount of duplication, creating next stage workflows while offering total transparency to all parties involved.

Charles Pace, Director General for Civil Aviation at Transport Malta CAD, says: “Centrik has transformed our operation – we have reduced the need for emails, unnecessary phone calls and convoluted paper chains, making everything we do so much more efficient. It is like having five additional inspectors for the price of one.

“Now, the Reg App module has added another level of functionality, streamlining our processes even further – it’s been a game changer, and we are yet to realise its full potential!”

In addition to the new Reg App functionality, Centrik’s fully-integrated, modular design has been providing Transport Malta CAD with total operational oversight. Using the system’s intuitive interface, staff can quickly and easily schedule audits, issue and action findings, conduct root cause analysis, initiate and track workflows, complete risk registers, safety reports, as well as process MORs from any affiliated operator – all within the system, from any connected device.

When Transport Malta CAD was itself audited by EASA, its use of Centrik was cited as a major strength, owing to the system’s ability to evidence all requested information quickly and effectively. By providing EASA with access to its Centrik system, the time and manpower required to conduct the audit can be cut in half.

From here, Transport Malta CAD can use Centrik to develop operational heatmaps to provide an instant, visual guide of performance, allowing the team to formulate KPIs and effectively action improvements in procedures and processes.

“Centrik provides us with complete continuity and total transparency across all aspects of our operation – both for processes within the authority and for those businesses reporting into us. The sheer level of control it provides, with instant accessibility to such a wealth of actionable information, has delivered only positive changes to our operation,” concludes Pace.

Transport Malta CAD currently has around 100 Centrik users internally, with every member of staff having their own personal dashboard. As the regulator for the region, it has also granted limited access to more than 40 AOCs, every Part-145 and Part-147 organisation and a myriad of external businesses that report into it.


Notes to editor: Centrik provides complete operational management systems for the aviation, military, maritime and banking sectors, and helps ensure regulatory compliance. Born from the civil aviation sector, Centrik currently has more than 46,000 users working in some of the most highly regulated and safety critical industries in the world.

For further press information please email at Garnett Keeler or call 020 8647 4467.

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