October 12, 2022

TrustFlight debuts innovative software for Minimum Equipment Lists, an industry-first tool to manage creation and revisions

October 13, 2022: Today, TrustFlight, an innovative digital aviation solutions company, announced the release of its new tool to manage aircraft Minimum Equipment Lists (MELs). MEL Manager provides end-to-end digitization of the process of creating and managing minimum equipment lists.

Most aviation manuals are static PDF documents that are not easily updated and rely on generic word processing tools. The TrustFlight platform allows operators to issue and revise MELs in a fraction of the time using a simple but powerful MEL building platform. The web-based software was designed to create templates for the most popular business jets on the market, which can then be easily modified online. MEL Manager integrates directly into TrustFlight’s industry-leading Electronic Tech Log, deployed by airlines and business jet operators worldwide.

“I have personally felt the frustration that business jet operators have at managing MELs, especially with word processing software that is not fit for purpose,” said Karl Steeves, CEO of TrustFlight. “With MEL Manager, the revisions have never been easier and quicker.”

TrustFlight’s MEL Manager is designed from the ground up to simplify the task of MEL management. Accordingly, the system saves countless hours of administrative work, estimated to be more than ten times quicker than current processes, based on internal measures by TrustFlight. The system is geared towards operators that need to create new MELs for their aircraft quickly and easily, especially FAA Part 91 operators that are needing to adopt customized aircraft MELs.

Business jet operators can take one of the existing templates in the system as a basis for their own document. They can then customize the MEL for their operation, including adding procedures or adjusting items, confident that all changes are tracked in a comprehensive version history.

The MEL contains automatic formatting to ensure compliance, and can be immediately downloaded as a PDF or through a link to allow for faster regulatory approval. Operators can then print and distribute to PDF, or integrate into TrustFlight’s Tech Log and Centrik applications. There is no possibility of multiple versions or outdated versions. For revisions, each Master MEL revision, or change to a fleet or procedures, are easily adopted into an existing MEL. With just a few clicks, apply changes to a single aircraft or an entire fleet.

About TrustFlight

TrustFlight is a digital technology innovator focused on the aviation industry. The company’s best-in-class digital tools and services (including the Electronic Tech Log and Centrik, a cloud-based operational management system) provide new levels of safety, efficiency, and insight to everyone involved in the operation and maintenance of aircraft. Originally founded by two commercial pilots, TrustFlight has grown to become a global firm supporting a wide variety of airlines, business jet operators, airports, maintenance providers, and regulators.

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