November 29, 2022

We are looking to hear from our Aircraft Engineer, CAMO, & Tech Services Colleagues!

Here at TrustFlight, we are continually listening to our users and improving the experience of our products. It's important for us to hear directly from you to understand what is working well and where we can improve to help increase your operational safety and efficiency. We are currently looking to invite Aircraft Engineers, CAMO, and Tech Services professionals to participate in a Tech Log research session.

A research session typically lasts 45 minutes, in which time we will discuss your current experience of using our products and, on occasion, share concepts of how a new feature might look and behave. You might be asked to share your screen when discussing certain features, however, no advance preparation would be required.

If you would be willing to share your feedback, have your voice heard, and help us to develop the best products to help you, please contact us at or complete this short survey.

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