March 13, 2024

TrustFlight Adds FRAT Capability to Suite of Integrated Safety Solutions

VANCOUVER, BC, Mar. 14, 2024 — TrustFlight Ltd. (TrustFlight), a technology innovator focused on the digitization of the aviation industry, today announced the addition of a digital Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) to its portfolio of safety solutions for both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. As an integrated piece of TrustFlight’s Electronic Logbook (ELB), FRAT provides operators with an objective means for pilots to assess risks for Go/No-Go decision-making directly from the cockpit.

“The recent rise in aviation incidents highlights the need for proactive measures to reduce risk and increase safety,” said Karl Steeves, CEO, TrustFlight. “Our software is designed to increase aircraft availability while integrating critical safety processes—we see FRAT as an important addition to the TrustFlight ecosystem.”

By evaluating a wide array of factors including weather conditions, aircraft readiness, pilot experience, and airport characteristics, FRAT enables flight operations teams to make informed decisions that prioritize safety prior to take-off. Customizable by the operator, FRAT assessments ensure that all flights meet stringent operator requirements to reduce the likelihood of incidents and accidents. Upon pilot completion of TrustFlight’s FRAT assessment, a Low, Medium, or High Risk rating for the flight is instantly displayed within cockpit EFBs. Completed FRAT scores are visible from the powerful TrustFlight dashboard for accurate reporting and powerful audit capabilities.

In addition to TrustFlight’s Electronic Logbook and MEL Manager, the firm also offers software including a Safety Management System (SMS), Quality Management System (QMS), and Reliability Analytics that seamlessly integrate for a unified user experience leading to accurate, actionable decision-making across the enterprise.

“To truly unlock safety, critical safety applications should be integrated with each other,” concludes Steeves. “That’s the philosophy behind TrustFlight as we look forward to being a core part of the safety ecosystem within North America.”

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About TrustFlight Ltd.

TrustFlight is a digital technology innovator that specializes in the aerospace and aviation domain. The company’s best-in-class solutions and services provide an added layer of safety, efficiency, and insight to everyone involved in the operation and maintenance of aircraft. With over 70,000 active users, TrustFlight’s industry-leading suite of solutions include an Electronic Logbook (ELB), Safety and Quality Management System (SMS/QMS), Reliability Analytics software, the innovative MEL Manager, and aviation Technical Services for continuing airworthiness. Originally founded by two commercial pilots, TrustFlight has grown to become a global firm supporting a wide variety of airlines, airports, regulators, maintenance providers, and business aviation operators around the world. To learn more, visit and follow @TrustFlight on LinkedIn and X.

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