March 13, 2020

The regulator's choice

From CAA International in the UK through to the Seychelles CAA, Centrik is used by regulators around the world to manage their operations.

Designed by aviation experts, regulatory compliance is weaved throughout Centrik, meaning every piece of relevant information is readily accessible to those that need to see it – this has led to the national regulators around the world adopting Centrik as their operational management solution. If those at the top of the regulatory chain can place their trust in us, then any business that answers to them should be confident to do the same.

Taking things a step further, Centrik has also been used by advisors to the regulators – for instance, CAAi has used the system to provide support for National Aviation Authorities around the globe, as Matthew Margesson, Head of International Operations at CAAi, explains: “Centrik makes operational management more efficient because it brings relevant programme information and processes into one central location. It gives us a single source of truth, with a full audit trail. It’s well-considered and designed, which lets us address high-stake requirements securely and easily.”

Centrik provides businesses with the tools needed to make effective risk-based decision making, centralising operational management processes across all sectors, from AOCs and ATOs, through to MROs, airports and unmanned aviation. Its modular structure provides intuitive management tools covering safety, risk, quality and compliance, documents, EFBs, training, meetings, equipment and much more.

In addition, Centrik can also relieve the administrative headache of converting Mandatory Occurrence Reports (MORs) into an ECCAIRS-compatible format – something that previously had to be done manually, taking up valuable time and resource. Many authorities now provide operators with direct access to their Centrik system, allowing them to submit occurrence reports directly to the regulatory authorities, minimising the admin burden for both the operator and regulator. Many organisations approach Centrik having used the regulators system to submit reports.

Our growing number of NAA clients around the world proves that Centrik’s core principles and intuitive functionality resonate with the regulators themselves; it lets them effectively evidence all processes, while providing complete operational oversight of the organisations under their jurisdiction – something to bear in mind when specifying an operations management system for your own business.

Discover how Centrik can help you effortlessly evidence regulatory compliance – simply request a demo today.

Andy Wilkinson, Centrik

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