June 08, 2020

Power of Centrik's remote accessibility - a key differentiator for TAG Aviation Asia during lockdown

The cloud-based design of powerful operation management system, Centrik, has been cited as “invaluable” by TAG Aviation Asia in helping to facilitate the company’s remote working policy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Built with remote accessibility at its core, Centrik allows TAG Aviation Asia to seamlessly integrate its most complex operations through a single point, with all information accessible, and actionable, from wherever its employees are working.

The company, alongside hundreds of others around the world, has seen many staff having to work from home. Specifically for its MRO arm, Centrik provides a seamless connection between employees offsite and the crews on the ground, allowing all repair and maintenance work to be monitored, approved and audited remotely.

Phil Balmer, Director of Maintenance at TAG Aviation Asia, explains: “For the complexities of the MRO side of the business, having Centrik on board has meant we have been able to provide every team member, wherever they are, with access to a single, centralised source of all operational information, which has been invaluable.”

Centrik provides TAG Aviation Asia with the ability to carry out scheduled audits, issue and action findings, conduct root cause analysis, complete risk registers and safety reports, initiate and track workflows, monitor training activity and more, from any connected device – a huge advantage at any time, but particularly when many of its staff are spread far and wide.

“Our maintenance teams have continued working during the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore we needed a way to track that our engineers’ training and licences remained current, as the certification approvals for the work they perform is based on the validity of their licences and training – a process that was seamless thanks to Centrik.

“Its intuitive traffic light system gives everyone complete oversight across our entire operation – if a red traffic light were to display on our Centrik dashboard relating to an engineer’s training, licensing or certification approval, for example, we can immediately address the situation, helping to avoid mistakes, and possible re-inspection and re-certification costs,” Balmer concludes.

Centrik’s modular design and intuitive interface also allows TAG Aviation Asia to establish complex workflows, with related jobs allocated and updated in real time. Handovers can be managed within the system, with processes tracked, checked and verified remotely. Risk assessments and any occurrence reports can also be submitted and reviewed, with subsequent actions allocated to the relevant staff and then evidenced directly to the Regulator.

TAG Aviation expanded into the Asian market in 2006, establishing regional headquarters in Hong Kong. From there, it provides aircraft management, charter, FBO/handling and maintenance services throughout the APAC region.

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