June 21, 2022

Airshare turn to Centrik for centralized and scalable operational management support

After being “blown away” by the power and potential of the system, Kansas City-based business aviation operator, Airshare, has implemented Centrik to deliver significant efficiency improvements across every aspect of its increasingly complex operation.

The company, which operates 51 business jets within its fleet, was looking for a system capable of streamlining its processes, combining everything from documentation, training and crew currency, through to risk, safety and compliance management into one intuitive, centralized system.

Brian Jewell, Vice President Training, Compliance & Strategy at Airshare explains: “We wanted to find a way to bring the different departments and the disparate systems they currently use together under one umbrella – as soon as we saw what Centrik was capable of, we were blown away.

“We now have a single source that provides total operational oversight, delivering an instant and accurate snapshot of what is happening anywhere within the business to those that need it. Through Centrik, we have increased efficiency, productivity, individual accountability and ultimately safety across our operation.”

Citing an example of onboarding a new aircraft or pilot into the business, Airshare states that Centrik has cut the process by up to 30 hours, seamlessly combining the 80 or so steps across all related departments into a single, powerful workflow. The company can now instantly access, manage and update all relevant documentation, with the ability to assign, track and monitor any associated actions in real time.

With close to 50 active users, Airshare has also been able to extend limited access to its Centrik system to third party contractors, crew members and even its regulator. This means that accurate documentation, manuals, safety, risk or occurrence reports can be input, updated and instantly viewed, providing total transparency across the business at all times – helping to significantly streamline any audit process.

“Centrik just gives us a level of control we’ve never had before, delivering a solution that is more than capable of scaling up alongside the business as we continue to grow – it’s easily handled everything we’ve thrown at it so far, and we’re continually adding new functionality all the time,” continues Jewell.

Over time, the business is phasing in the various Centrik modules available, with the full remit of safety, risk, hazard and occurrence reporting the next major step. This will further impact the business, providing access to data on the operational status of all crew and aircraft that can be instantly analysed and actioned to improve safety moving forward.

With a worldwide air operator certificate, Airshare flies to destinations around the globe, but predominantly operates domestic flights and routes into Mexico and the Caribbean.

Centrik is part of TrustFlight, a global provider of powerful software services to the aviation industry, delivering robust, ultra-efficient, paperless solutions to any type of business across the sector.

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